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We are into business of banking and financial intermediation, by accepting deposits from members of public and creating credits. In addition, we provide advice and other services to commercial and private clients on a variety of financial matters and promote financial services/products, to help these clients run their operations smoothly. Details of our products and services are as stated below:


Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it. Energy Bank is here to support all your aspirations.

  • Deposits collection

    We collect deposits from Clients in a convenient manner into their current, savings and fixed Deposit accounts; from individuals, corporate, government, NGO & public at large. We have designed a cash pick-up arrangement with some of our Clients in order to facilitate convenient transactions and by extension, increase our cash holding of the market.

  • Credit Facilities

    We give credit facilities to governemnt workers, individuals, personal loan, companies etc.Get instant personal loan for all kind of medical emergency expenses.

  • Salary Advance

    Our Bank offers salary Advance and loans to meet Civil Servants and other public servants in the country. The products are convenient and designed along Salary Cash Account. This has made our Bank very popular and the risk of default is minimal

  • Overdraft

    Term loan- At Energy Bank STP, we structure credit facilities to meet our customers specific business needs and add significant value to their businesses. Our highly trained and Customer friendly Officers at our branches would be obliged to discuss with them our range of credit offerings and facilities.

Money transfers into Sao Tome & Principe

This service is powered by a robust technological platform and exceptional customer service which ensures reliable and swift receipt of funds from Overseas on time, real-time basis. Withdrawal in foreign currencies is permitted, whilst we provide attractive exchange rates for withdrawals in local currency

  • Money transfers out of Sao Tome & Principe

    We can also remit funds through our Correspondent Banks, and we are sure that designated Beneficiaries will receive funds in real time. With our highly efficient and reliable Correspondent Banks, funds sent and received are given same day value. Attractive exchange rates are also offered to transfer local currency to foreign currencies, for remittances abroad. The makes income from forex, commission and other associated charges.

  • Foreign Currency Account (Domiciliary Account

    The Energy Bank Foreign Currency Account allows customers maintain their accounts in foreign currencies. It can be funded through foreign transfers and offshore cheques. It is an account held in USD and EURO where funding of the account is mobilized exclusively from sources outside the country (transfers/offshore cheques). It allows Customers effect transfers without Central Bank of Sao Tome restrictions. Customers holding this Account can receive offshore transfers from their Exports and Foreign Transactions.

  • Loan Syndication

    At Energy Bank STP, we structure credit facilities to meet our Customers’ specific business needs and add significant value to our Customers’ business success and growth. We offer easy financing contract to allow our customers to finance viable projects. The repayment is linked to the receipt of funds from the contract. This is usually available for contracts that can be closely supervised and disbursement made directly with the contract process.

  • ATM

    We offer ATM services which are quick and convenient way to access money.

  • POS

    Energy Bank STP participated at the official inauguration ceremony of POS in Sao Tome & Principe by the Prime Minister of the country on 1st of December 2012. Since that day, we have been installing POS for our clients. This is a further boost electronic transactions and cashless policy being pursued by the Central Bank

  • Outward Payments

    We remit funds through our correspondent banks and ensure that beneficiaries receive them real time. With our reliable correspondent banks, funds received are given same day value. Withdrawal in foreign currency is permitted whilst we provide attractive rates for withdrawal in local currency.