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Our Mission

To conservatively & arithmetically grow to affect the world in the hands of three people; customers; employees and shareholders’’
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Our Vission

To Build A Strong Bank based on Timeless Principles of Loyalty


Our Core Values

Resolute Courage
We are mindful of the fact that our People require resolute courage to face the daunting challenges facing us in the competitive, ever changing world in which we operate and recognize its diverse, interwoven complexities; a world where yesterday’s “Too Big to Fail” must face extant turbulences.
Love for what we do
We believe total love for our Work, our Customers and our Society will enable us achieve the impossible. That ethos of espirit de corps will keep us going as one entity, united in love for the Times to come.
Strong Perceptions
Our acute and deep perceptions borne out of knowledge, enables us to see into tomorrow today. The consequent positive actions taken today would safeguard our tomorrow. As a perceptive Institution our Bank continued corporate existence is guaranteed. It is this Heritage of Excellence, in perception, that will create our ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ that would render competition irrelevant.

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