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Open an Account

Savings account

Energy Savings Account gives you the opportunity to create cash reserves for the future, creating financial security. Our savings account offers attractive interest rate without monthly billing on the account. Link to account opening requirement

Current account

Current account Energy, is a transactional and interest-free account that is available in folds and comes with a check book and a custom debit card.Link to account opening requirement

Kids Account

Ensuring the future of your children is our priority.Therefore, we have designed this product to offer you the opportunity to provide quality education for your child or children in the future, as well as to meet your needs. Link to account opening requirement

Time deposits account

Our term deposit account is an investment product tailor made to create a more rewarding interest for you. The amount is fixed for a predefined period of time which generally ranges between 90, 180 and 365 days at a predetermined fixed interest rate.
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Joint Account

Make life easier by opening a joint account with your relative or partner at Energy Bank Today. It is convenient and easy to set up! Link to account opening requirement

Salary account

Domicile your salary at Energy Bank and double your happiness. Energy Automatic Credit, up to the maximum amount of 50% of the net salary.Associated Benefits:
   Advance your salary up to a maximum of 30 days;
  Automatic Discovered, up to a maximum amount of 80% of the net salary.

Loan Account

Visit any of our branch to find out if you qualify for a loan account with us. Link to Loan services