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Products & Services Description

Energy Bank STP offers cost-efficient products & service to help individuals and businesses manage their financial needs – from investing, running a hassle free business account, making 3rd party transactions to fast tracking international transactions, the bank’s services are robust and are designed to meet the market trends, consumer behavior and industry/regulatory demands.

Commercial Banking

Whether a startup or an established enterprise, the bank offers flexible and cost-efficient business account options that help businesses manage their day-to-day banking and unique business needs. Our different types of business banking services include:
Our different types of business banking services include:
   Company Currentaccounts;
   Fixed DepositAccount;
   Debit cards;
   Merchant services;

Business Everyday

Request for an overdraft

Do you have an account with? Short on cash? Overdrafts are short-term way to borrow money, request for an overdraft at any of our branches near you today.

Cash pick

Key into our cash pick up program and ensure that your cash is safe enroute to the bank. It is save, fast and reliable.

POS Management

Enable our automatic payment scheme in your company's cash management. Its convenient and reduces the handling of cash and checks; allowing for electronic transfer of funds directly to your company account.

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